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Blink Films’ Joint MD, Dan Chambers and SMC’s founder Amanda Groom at the PAAN Media and Blink Films' co-production signing ceremony in Seoul, October 2012
Building on nations’ strengths to create great television

By combining the ambitions and abilities of both production companies, Amanda Groom has led the relationship to the production of several major TV series.

Strand Media introduced South Korea’s leading independent production company, PAAN Media to one of the UK’s leading production companies, Blink Films and to develop the TV programme series, Korean Food Made Simple.

Amanda is that rare thing - someone who spotted a wholly new area and has made it her own. Her knowledge of working with Korea is the second to none. She’s has sat on Korean Government funding boards, and she knows the production world there well.

She’s very smart, hugely energetic, an absolute delight to work with, and her combination of clear-sightedness and tenacity means she can make things happen.
~ Dan Chambers, Blink Films UK

Lamport Sheppard
Lamport Sheppard

Strand Media has been in development with Lamport Sheppard Entertainment Ltd for several years. We are expanding upon their successful global programming brands, Rescue Mediums and Curious and Unusual Deaths, and creating new and innovative programme formats for the UK, US and Canadian television markets.

Curious and Unusual Deaths & Rescue Mediums

Lamport-Sheppard Entertainment Ltd. is a highly creative television and film production company that has produced over 100 hours of programming, ranging from film, to documentary series, to factual entertainment series that have sold around the world in 28 countries. Lamport Sheppard series include: Rescue Mediums and Curious and Unusual Deaths

It has been our pleasure at Lamport Sheppard Entertainment to work closely with Amanda for almost three years now. As an experienced TV professional and EP she has brought her wide knowledge of the business, love of good ideas and considerable writing skills to bear on our mutual projects.

We have entered into an ongoing working relationship which has proven to be joyful and productive, I look forward to its continuation.
~ Gregory Sheppard, Lamport Sheppard
KCA Korea Communications Agency
Countries – South Korea

Amplifying Soft Power: Enhancing the impact of a nation’s culture through television created for global audiences.

We focus heavily on high growth markets bringing our global television contacts and experience to the benefit of nations wishing to expand their cultural reach.

Strand Media unites global stakeholders in the creation of innovative global television projects, enhancing cross cultural skills and expertise, and broadening the understanding between nations and peoples.

South Korea’s Korea Communications Agency approached Strand Media Consultancy to expand their cultural reach into UK and international markets through establishing international programming opportunities, providing a knowledge transfer and funding flow for international co-productions.

KCA Korea Communications Agency

Strand Media has created a vibrant and growing co-production relationship between the Korean and UK independent television sectors, whilst establishing growing ties between the Korean and UK creative industry public service sectors.

Korea Documentary Festival

Amanda is a frequent contributor to KCA events in Seoul, including presenting on Global Media Markets at the Korea Documentary Festival.

Amanda leads an international judging team assessing the global viability of TV programming pitches and advising on the allocation of KCA funding.

Korea announces Strand Medias leadership at Seoul Documentary festival 2012.

NHS Choices
Government Bodies - Dept. of Health and NHS Choices

Strand Media has extensive and detailed experience of managing public and private stakeholders to deliver the best possible national and international television programming, and is specialised in healthy-living programming.

Dept. of Health & NHS Choices: Strand Media leads in its understanding of audiences and of changing user behaviour for the better through the creation of appropriate content and the targeted use of messages within TV programming.

Strand Media advises on ensuring the appropriate health message reaches its target audience through the most effective programming delivered via the appropriate platform, at the right time for them.

With an expertise in health television content and healthy living programming gained during Amanda Groom's tenure as CEO of the UK’s Channel Health, Sky Platform and EP of the long running series, Good Medicine, for Channel Nine Australia, Strand Media has been tasked with assessing the impact and effectiveness of health and healthy living information by NHS Choices/ Dept. of Health, appraising the international health programming market and advising on global best practice in content development and digital health tools. National Health Service

Amanda was author of the paper, Global Market Analysis & Strategy digital platform assessment - DiTV, IPTV & B’band / 3G VoD & Mobile for Department of Health & Digital Britain Digital Media Strategy Consultant to NHS Choices & Department of Health, leading a team from Deloitte.

University of Warwick.
Idea Symposium

Amanda presents regularly to health leaders on establishing effective with nationwide media, including web, print, mobile and television, to increase the effectiveness of vital health messages in reaching the British public.

Digital Media Thought Leadership: Amanda is a frequent contributor on Digital Media to the Industry and Parliament Trust at the House of Commons.

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