What we do

Global Audiences, Global Relevance

Spreading the message of cultures and nations, public and private sectors to reach global audiences through television. Strand Media helps clients extend soft power through global television co-productions, growing international visibility and reducing cultural barriers.

We develop and implement complex stake holder media and television projects for Governments, TV Production Companies, Broadcast networks and individuals, enabling people to work together to grow their businesses.

With impeccable heritage, Strand Media is unique in its ability to combine innovation, creativity and business across both public and private sectors, and international cross cultural stake holders, to repeatedly deliver ground breaking partnerships and award winning projects.

Strand Media has a unique background and experience with an extraordinary range of experience across nations, governments and global TV creation.

We offer our services to nations, governments and government bodies, production companies and national and international broadcast channels.
  • Creative project delivery – from conception to delivery, managing complex matrices of public and private stakeholders
  • International tv programme format development
  • Global digital media strategy including social technologies
  • Global match making service for production companies, linking projects through international production companies, facilitating introductions to international government creative funding schemes.
  • Consultancy on programming and co-productions
  • Strategic consultancy on content digital maximisation across all platforms
  • Offer niche and specialised consultancy on digital maximisation of content across all platforms, to effectively target relevant audiences
  • Leadership on creating revenue streams from strategic alliances, and channel creation including complex stakeholder and client relationships.
Strand Media works with broadcast networks, production companies, countries and their governments to grow their audiences - locally, nationally and internationally.

Strand Media is in a uniquely strong position to assist you in growing your audience. Combining small company agility with decades of global television and media experience, the company is proven in multiple forms of project delivery – from major international TV productions to internet start-ups.

We turn creative concepts into powerful tools which can really have a positive impact on your growth, your commercial success and on your bottom line and reach your target audience – from niche to global.

We reach the right audience with an effective message via the best means, and at the right time for them!

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